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We live in an age where we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. In today's fast-moving and highly competitive market, it is essential that you remain fully informed to maintain a competitive edge.

To effectively meet the needs of a variety of interests and specialisms, Lafferty Group publishes a series of online newsletters that provide timely and incisive news, research, commentary, analysis and interviews that you won't find anywhere else.

With an unmatched mix of expert intelligence, value-added insight, global coverage, international benchmarking research, case studies and interviews with industry leaders, Lafferty News Service is the most comprehensive way to stay up-to-date with live issues affecting retail banking, cards, payments, mobile money, merchant services, FinTech, P2P lending, consumer finance and innovation.

Daily Briefing

The Lafferty Daily Briefing provides senior executives across the banking industry with a concise round-up of the key news and sector developments driving retail banking and cards and payments markets.
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Lafferty Group

Senior executives at retail banks, card issuers, and payments providers around the world rely on Lafferty Group for the research, news, data and insight that powers their strategy and decision-making. With over 30 years of experience steeped in retail banking, Lafferty is positioned to support retail banking as it evolves in a rapidly changing, digital world.

Lafferty has constantly innovated: in 1981 we launched the first regular global newsletter serving the retail banking sector; the first in-depth management report followed in 1982 along with the first global retail banking conference; we ran the industry's first international retail banking council in 1995; 2012 saw the launch of our pioneering Retail Banking Academy, founded to educate retail bankers around the world to a high professional standard.


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