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We live in an age where we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. In today's fast-moving and highly competitive market, it is essential that you remain fully informed to maintain a competitive edge.

To effectively meet the needs of a variety of interests and specialisms, Lafferty Group publishes a series of online newsletters that provide timely and incisive news, research, commentary, analysis and interviews that you won't find anywhere else.

With an unmatched mix of expert intelligence, value-added insight, global coverage, international benchmarking research, case studies and interviews with industry leaders, Lafferty News Service is the most comprehensive way to stay up-to-date with live issues affecting retail banking, cards, payments, mobile money, merchant services, FinTech, P2P lending, consumer finance and innovation.

For over 30 years, Lafferty Group has made its name providing honest, impartial and unique insights into the retail banking, cards, payments and mobile money sectors. Lafferty News Service will help keep you up to date in a clear and concise manner, providing access to some of the most influential minds in the industry, offering insight into new ways of thinking and alerting you to forthcoming changes, reforms, regulations and market entrants.

For further information about Lafferty News Service or to learn about the great savings available for site licences or global enterprise licences, please contact us by clicking here.

Lafferty Group

Lafferty Group is the world's leading provider of advanced knowledge services and prestige events for the retail banking and consumer financial services industry. With particular specialisation in the fields of retail banking, cards and payments and mobile financial services, the group's comprehensive services, honed over three decades, include Senior Management Councils, Benchmarking Research, Thought Leadership Reports, Conferences and Webinars, Insights and Advisory Services.

Lafferty Group operates with three specialist business units:

  • Banking and payments research and intelligence — cutting edge research and thought leadership reports, dynamic international conferences and Lafferty's world-famous Councils for senior management.
  • Professional education: The Retail Banking Academy provides the only professional qualifications for retail bankers and cards and payments executives with the Certified Retail Banker (CRB) and Certified Cards and Payments Professional (CCPP) qualifications.
  • Bank Ratings: Lafferty's unique new global ratings database will rank and rate the main banks of the world against key criteria for management quality, strategy, purpose and actions, execution ability, technology preparedness, innovation capacity, organisational culture, as well as a series of demanding financial yardsticks including ROA, interest costs, loans to deposits, retail v total loans, equity and cash ratios.

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