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Thursday 8th March @ 2:31pm

Subscribers to Lafferty Group's Retail Banking 2020 research service will receive their copy of our new fintech and banking report in the coming weeks, featuring in-depth case studies about partnerships, collaborations and accelerators between traditional players and nimble sidekicks.The rise of fintechs is one of the most talked-about developments in the industry since the turn of the millennium, their prominence boosting with every passing year — although their long-term place in the...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 2:31pm

American consumer lending has led the world for decades, but, with global, regulatory and market eras coming to an end, the sands are shifting as never before.One thing is for certain: the market has lost none of its lustre, with start-ups, Big Tech and even investment banks reaching in with ambitions of taking ever bigger slices. The most striking example of Wall Street interest is Marcus, rustling up customers from a middle-class cohort hitherto unaddressed, at least directly, by owner...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 2:31pm

When a card is referred to as 'top of wallet', that card is the first card reached for when a wallet is opened.Competition in this area has always been fierce, and as wallets become less physical and more virtual, the battle to be the chosen card is more intense than ever.'Pick me! Pick Me!'What makes a 'top of wallet' card? For some, it's an array of perks and bonuses: air-miles, concierge services, golf fees, insurance, rewards, toys, sweets; but not...MORE

QuickSign digital drive
Thursday 8th March @ 2:30pm

The following is an excerpted version of a longer case study about QuickSign from Lafferty Group's forthcoming report on fintech and banking.QuickSign is an established fintech specialising in digital on-boarding and online contract management for banks. It simplifies, safeguards and accelerates the process for banks of bringing new customers in by eradicating paper.Founded in 2010 by Thibaut Ravisé (chief executive officer) and Benoit Lassara (chief development officer), the...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 2:24pm

"When I first joined Citibank, I was probably the definition of diversity; I was from Kilkenny and the rest of the 55 employees were all from Dublin" — Ciarán Kelleher of Citibank speaking at the European Financial Forum (EFF) with a light-hearted take on how much progress has been made on the diversity front over the years.Financial inclusion is one of the hot topics right now — and deservedly so. In emerging economies and markets it is a particularly important subject...MORE

Jernberg DNB
Thursday 8th March @ 2:15pm

Marco Polo is an initiative looking at the use of blockchain technology for a more secure, efficient and transparent cross-border trade finance system.Since launching in September 2017, with BNP, Commerzbank and ING as core banks, the initiative has attracted interest from others, with additional banks including Standard Chartered, DNB, and OP Financial Group joining in recent months.DNB and Marco PoloLasse Meholm, head of Blockchain and DLT strategy at DNB said that the project is...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 2:02pm

All the things that offer consumers more convenience — online shopping, mobile banking, cardless payments — also offer criminals more opportunities to steal information and commit fraud.Online fraud is now the most prevalent crime in England and Wales, and in 2017, almost two million incidences of cyber-related fraud were reported in the UK. Rising consumer spending, which reached about £1.2 trillion in 2016 ($1.67 trillion), also saw almost £769 million lost to financial fraud...MORE

Idea Mobile ATM 4
Thursday 8th March @ 1:47pm

A new working bank account in less than five minutes; loans approved in less than ten — without even having to talk to anyone. You might come across companies describing the benefits of digital and online banking this way. Indeed, some people — allegedly anyone under 35 — prefer not to talk to anyone while making transactions.But not everyone wants to be digital-first. There's a lot to be said for being in touch with the people that we are supposed to work with. The world may be...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 1:41pm

In the latest Keyfact monthly, Jeremy Ridgway provides us with a look at the market and competitor snapshot.Switching levels still fallingPayment scheme BACS prefers to highlight high awareness rather than actual switching levels. The latest figures from BACS for the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) show that in 2017 there were 931,956 switches recorded, of which 247,700 occurred in Q4 . As usual, the CASS press release and dashboard focus on high awareness, without mentioning...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 12:17pm

A lot has happened with the Australian financial system over the last few months — allegations and counter-claims over money laundering have become commonplace in the press, and then of course there is the ongoing drama surrounding the Royal Commission inquiry.The banks are being scrutinised intensely over AML securities treatment of customers and mortgage practice in particular — among other topics, and while there are sure to be plenty of twists and turns in the coming months (and further...MORE

putin gref
Thursday 8th March @ 12:05pm

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) will decide this month to re-include Visa and Mastercard as members of Russia's Association of FinTech. While Visa and Mastercard sit in limbo, Russia's leaders have been looking admiringly on blockchain: the new national blockchain project is called Masterchain. Can anyone guess what international payments giant Masterchain would like to replace?Mastercard and Visa originally joined the Association of FinTech in October 2017 only to be excluded two...MORE

Screenshot 2018-03-06 11-07-05
Tuesday 6th March @ 10:48am

The big story in finance this week, long flagged and much feared by the banking world, is that Amazon is going to become a bank of sorts. But that's to underestimate the scale of Amazon's ambitions. Amazon is building a formidable internet of things, tied together by an AI 'flywheel' inside Amazon that is spinning AI and machine learning knowledge throughout the whole company. As Bill Gates said: we need banking, but we don't necessarily need banks. It appears that Amazon...MORE

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