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Wednesday 6th December @ 4:02pm

South Korea — land of the morning calm. Or if you have been unfortunate enough to experience the e-commerce environment there you may also refer to it jokingly as land of eternal Internet Explorer. South Korea has an internet penetration rate of 89.3 percent, set to rise to an estimated 91.6 percent by 2021; a smartphone penetration rate of 80.6 percent, set to rise to an estimated 85.4 percent over the next four years; and 30.5 million e-commerce users with an estimated 1.33 million more...MORE

eoin toronto image
Wednesday 6th December @ 1:22pm

"If you're not doing some things that are crazy, then you're doing the wrong things" says Google co-founder Larry Page.While US cities battle to become Amazon's second US base, Canada's biggest city has just snagged a major Google project.Toronto is not just the biggest city in Canada — it's the fourth-biggest city in North America and the economic hub of Canada, a city rife with innovation that since the 1990s has been undergoing levels of development...MORE

Euro, currency, eurozone
Wednesday 6th December @ 11:18am

In the old days, when a war was raging across the world, information came from ghost like voices scratching out of the wireless, a weekly newspaper or the Pathe Newsreels that ran at cinemas before the main show. Today, it's not the lack of information, but the overwhelming quantity of it that is the problem. Kids no longer need to be taught to mine for information; they need to learn how to filter it.To follow the progress of the 'War on Cash' the internet will lead you to...MORE

Tuesday 5th December @ 4:14pm

"Money talks, but Credit has an echo." Bob Thaves.The venerable credit card has served the banking industry well for the past forty years; turning in rich profits and superlative RoEs. It has been the primary engine which powered the great consumer spending boom in the US and UK and ensured their world economic dominance. But the success of the credit card hasn't been consistent across the world. Many emerging markets have simply not been able to build a profitable and...MORE

Tuesday 5th December @ 2:44pm

It appears that lobbyists defending the incumbent banks have rolled back the regulatory standards covering Account Information Services, writes Mark O'Keefe, who outlines the various scenarios now facing third party providers keen to get into business. We've been waiting several months for the European Commission to reveal the long anticipated and definitive Regulatory Technical Standards RTS covering Account Information Services AIS, in fact ever since the original draft RTS...MORE

Tuesday 5th December @ 12:37pm

"The Orange Bank? Ah, I had trouble combining the two words. It's not a bank... frankly it's a mono-player on mobiles that does nothing more than what we offer." Philippe Brassac, chief executive of Crédit Agricole in an interview with the Financial Times.In France, Orange Bank wants to challenge the traditionnelles by seducing its 30 million existing French customers with a free hybrid model that consists of online mobile services and 140 Orange stores. The...MORE

Monday 4th December @ 3:35pm

Desjardins, the leading co-operative financial group in Canada, faced a challenge in attempting to harmonise its card payment acceptance infrastructure a few years ago during the phase of its lifecycle it likes to term 'renewal and expansion'.Desjardins is a little different than your average finance business. Approaching the consumer splurge that is Black Friday / Cybermonday, Desjardins was encouraging its customers to check out Buy Nothing day. But that doesn't...MORE

Monday 4th December @ 2:52pm

Mobile payments are not the most popular method of payment in Germany — despite not embracing cashless technology, however, usage of Chinese payment platform Alipay by tourists over the last 12 months is revealing a lot of interesting insights about how much potential there is in the country on this front.Lafferty Group interviewed Marcus W. Mosen, CEO of Concardis who are the payment service provider implementing Alipay at select locations in Germany, to discuss what developments had...MORE

fraud liability
Monday 4th December @ 11:23am

Swiss issuer UBS Card Centre has seen impressive improvements in its anti-fraud results since teaming up with FICO — and as Lafferty Group is this week publishing its own special AI and Robotics in Banking report, the partnership seemed fitting as a bonus case study to bring our readers.In 2016 UBS Card Centre stopped 74 percent more fraudulent transactions that in 2015 using the FICO Falcon Platform, avoiding potential losses of some $172 million. FICO uses Cognitive Fraud Analytics, a...MORE

Monday 4th December @ 10:57am

It was set up with the goal of ensuring that the US financial system would not condemn itself to relive past mistakes. With Richard Cordray out, and Donald Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney in, (for the moment at least), we ask if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will itself be forgotten.The idea for the CFPB was first floated by Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2007, and came into being after the passing of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform act. The CFPB is intended to inform...MORE

conundrum shutterstock_121961875
Monday 4th December @ 9:44am

America created the internet, but finding a way to accommodate fintech innovation in the country's regulatory regime is costing all players valuable timeThe fintechs are coming and, as any wing mirror will tell you, these particular objects are closer than they appear. With the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) set for implementation in every European Union market in less than two months, banking minds on at least one side of the Atlantic are undeniably...MORE

Thursday 30th November @ 12:00pm

Press and media outlets are having a hard time illustrating the impasse between Ireland and the UK over the return of a 'hard border' between the countries. Brexit border stories are accompanied by photographs of long-abandoned sentry huts, or European politicians huddled on country roads, pointing into fields. It's hard to photograph something that isn't there.Bitcoin presents a similar problem. There's a picture accompanying almost every story about...MORE

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