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Map_world_merchant_690x380_version 7_c (1)
Thursday 23rd March @ 2:33pm

As a region, Europe offers the lowest merchant service charges, closely followed by Asia-Pacific; Latin America has the highest average charges, closely followed by Africa. Retail Banking Opinion: Surfing the Rubicon, or how banks are making peace with the fintech industry

Thursday 23rd March @ 12:53pm

By the hook of profit or the crook of legislation, banks are making their peace with fintech. "We live in two different worlds" goes the Ed Sheeran song, and when it comes to data it seems that way ever more on either side of the Atlantic over recent years. Americans, long used to targeted mail campaigns, a pervasively commercialised public space and all-seeing credit rating agencies, long ago came to terms with the fact that the price of the American Dream was...MORE

Thursday 23rd March @ 12:34pm

It has become an axiom to state that e-commerce has become one of the most important spheres in the retail and payment industries, and with good cause. A merchant lacking the means to sell his/her wares online is behind the curve, while players in the payments industry are falling over themselves to grab a slice of the e-commerce pie. This comes in several guises. Firstly, there is the need to convince consumers to pay for e-commerce transactions by card, which falls under the category of...MORE

Middle East Net credit losses
Thursday 23rd March @ 11:34am

Although still in its infancy, the Middle East's credit card business is growing exponentially: the number of credit cards expanded at nearly four times the global rate between 2010 and 2016. Over the same period, total billed volume on credit cards increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent, joint top with Asia-Pacific. At the end of 2016, there were, on average, 15 credit cards per 100 adults across the region, up from ten per 100 adults in 2010...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 6:04pm

For all of its technological and cultural import, bitcoin is not particularly easy for non-tech heads to use. California remittances start-up Abra hopes to use bitcoin to deliver low-cost cross-border payments while maintaining that its users won't have to know anything about bitcoin. In fact, Abra's story goes to the heart of the bitcoin battle: for years we've heard the claim that bitcoin will upend the expensive global money transfer business because of its low...MORE

Nordics 2 jpg
Wednesday 22nd March @ 5:30pm

One of the most obvious trends apparent in the cards and payments industry in recent times has been the push to reduce or even eliminate cash from the payments ecosystem. While such a prospect remains distant today, some countries are moving closer to a situation where cash is assuming less importance with each passing day. With that in mind, Lafferty Global Research (LGR) has cast its eye over some of the pertinent data from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), often viewed as...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 5:22pm

The question of who will win the mobile payments war has been a topic of discussion for several years but we seem to be no closer to an answer. If anything, the mobile payments market in the West has become more crowded and fragmented. While many players have pulled the plug and others have faded into obscurity, more have stepped in to take their place. Still, few appear to have significant numbers of active users. The mobile wallet story so far has been a battle for control...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 4:47pm

In my capacity as a banking COO, I felt that we had to put service higher on the agenda, as we had complaints on staff behaviour and were risking losing business. I realised that a change of behaviour would only be sustainable if we would be able as a management team to make it clear how service should look. Only if we can make clear what we expect from our staff, can we inspect whether they are doing what they are supposed to do. If we do not inspect, staff may feel that we...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 4:21pm

Management of the payment system has of tradition been a fundamental function of banks but until now has been regarded as a role of lesser luminosity. From both a customer and bank perspective, payments, as a highly automated, mechanistic activity, has always operated below the waterline: the poor relation, so to speak, of the deposit, lending and wealth management facets of the business. Indeed, for many banks, payments services represent the 'free' element in 'free banking'...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 3:56pm

Warning: many TLAs (three-letter acronyms) ahead Margaret Thatcher had many a battle with Europe during her premiership and quickly acquired the nickname 'Iron Lady'. Many expected the European Banking Authority (EBA) to show equal firmness with their proposed regulatory technical standards (RTS) for secure customer authentication (SCA), under the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), when it was first published last year for consultation. Having witnessed the UK voting to...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 10:38am

Financial results in 2016 for banks paint a clear picture of winners — and losers. What is driving this difference in performance? UK banking is changing fast Co-operative Bank has put itself up for sale: despite losses falling from £611m to £477m it has a £750m capital shortfall, and still spends more than it earns. Its branch network has fallen from 291 to 85, and a takeover by Sabadell/TSB (hungry for the bank's business banking book) is a likely outcome. Other...MORE

ADCB's new u
Monday 13th March @ 3:11pm

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has joined the trend towards transparent and paperless digital branches located in high-footfall areas with the opening of uBank in Abu Dhabi's Yas Mall. The uBank branch sits in the mall corridor, with glass walls revealing to passersby the evolution of design at the bank. UAE-based digital design business Yasdm worked with ADCB to put together the electronic bones of the project, with Italian designers Crea International providing the physical design...MORE

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