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Capture BBVA
Monday 9th April @ 4:00pm

With so many innovative goings-on in the world of banking, finance and tech (often times simultaneously enmeshed with each other) it can be surprising to realise that banking accessibility on a human level is still not where it should be.As hackathons, mass tech-hire events, blockchain innovations and technological implementations occur to better equip banking, there are still many left on the sidelines, too often untouched by developments that improve how the majority of people -...MORE

The book should have been called from Noah to Woah-_
Monday 9th April @ 3:47pm

China's QR-code-wrangling payments giants are quietly implementing a revolution in financial inclusion: Ronan Lynch reviews Chris Skinner's latest book, Digital Human: The fourth revolution of humanity includes everyone.Ant Financial is truly a fascinating business. While coverage of China's One Belt, One Road megaproject tends to focus on the biggest and boldest bridges, railways or highways, there's another, much-overlooked piece of infrastructure quietly settling into...MORE

screenscraping F544 400px
Monday 9th April @ 3:43pm

Open Banking is coming to the United States, market and regulatory complexities notwithstanding. The only question is not if, but when.When it comes to tech-driven disruption, it always makes sense to get ahead of the inevitable. For example, print periodicals that were quick to provide websites (the New York Times, say) have fared better than those that simply ignored the arrival of the web (Newsweek). Radio stations that have developed a stable of podcasts too are...MORE

Monday 9th April @ 3:09pm

In the latest Keyfact monthly, Jeremy Ridgway provides an overview of the market and competitor snapshot. FCA publishes new credit card rulesThe Financial Conduct Authority expects people to save up to £1.3 billion ($1.83bn) a year in lower interest charges as a result of new credit rules.New rules came into force on 1 March 2018 to provide more protection for credit card customers in persistent debt or at risk of financial difficulties. Firms are now required to take a series...MORE

digibank DBS
Thursday 5th April @ 4:46pm

The following is part of an extended case study about DBS/digibank/Kasisto which was published in Lafferty Group's Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Banking report as part of our Retail Banking 2020 Research Service.In August of last year, Singapore-based bank, DBS, launched a mobile-only digital bank squarely aimed at the ever-growing smartphone-wielding...MORE

Thursday 5th April @ 3:18pm

The retail payments space is evolving so fast there's a level of concern among players and participants about the extent to which fintechs are going to be regulated.Last year, the federal government of Canada released a consultation paper regarding the oversight framework for retail payment systems: this proposed a number of changes to the way payment systems are regulated. The consultation period for the paper closed in October, but responses have yet to be made public.This is the...MORE

Tuesday 3rd April @ 4:50pm

During the Retail Banking Council Africa (RBCA) meeting in Kenya last year, Bitpesa COO Charlene Chen showed Lafferty Group and Union Bank's Akoh Ochai how to make a simple person-to-person bitcoin payment using a QR code and two smartphones.It didn't work perfectly because of the intermittent mobile signal, and gave us a few laughs, but it did raise one question for us: what is going to happen when someone offers blockchain applications native to smartphones? Will...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 2:31pm

When a card is referred to as 'top of wallet', that card is the first card reached for when a wallet is opened.Competition in this area has always been fierce, and as wallets become less physical and more virtual, the battle to be the chosen card is more intense than ever.'Pick me! Pick Me!'What makes a 'top of wallet' card? For some, it's an array of perks and bonuses: air-miles, concierge services, golf fees, insurance, rewards, toys, sweets; but not...MORE

Jernberg DNB
Thursday 8th March @ 2:15pm

Marco Polo is an initiative looking at the use of blockchain technology for a more secure, efficient and transparent cross-border trade finance system.Since launching in September 2017, with BNP, Commerzbank and ING as core banks, the initiative has attracted interest from others, with additional banks including Standard Chartered, DNB, and OP Financial Group joining in recent months.DNB and Marco PoloLasse Meholm, head of Blockchain and DLT strategy at DNB said that the project is...MORE

Thursday 8th March @ 1:41pm

In the latest Keyfact monthly, Jeremy Ridgway provides us with a look at the market and competitor snapshot.Switching levels still fallingPayment scheme BACS prefers to highlight high awareness rather than actual switching levels. The latest figures from BACS for the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) show that in 2017 there were 931,956 switches recorded, of which 247,700 occurred in Q4 . As usual, the CASS press release and dashboard focus on high awareness, without mentioning...MORE

putin gref
Thursday 8th March @ 12:05pm

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) will decide this month to re-include Visa and Mastercard as members of Russia's Association of FinTech. While Visa and Mastercard sit in limbo, Russia's leaders have been looking admiringly on blockchain: the new national blockchain project is called Masterchain. Can anyone guess what international payments giant Masterchain would like to replace?Mastercard and Visa originally joined the Association of FinTech in October 2017 only to be excluded two...MORE

Screenshot 2018-03-06 11-07-05
Tuesday 6th March @ 10:48am

The big story in finance this week, long flagged and much feared by the banking world, is that Amazon is going to become a bank of sorts. But that's to underestimate the scale of Amazon's ambitions. Amazon is building a formidable internet of things, tied together by an AI 'flywheel' inside Amazon that is spinning AI and machine learning knowledge throughout the whole company. As Bill Gates said: we need banking, but we don't necessarily need banks. It appears that Amazon...MORE

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