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Cards, Payments & Mobile Intelligence

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Monday 29th January @ 3:20pm

Lafferty Group is set to publish its in-depth 'Fintech and Banking' report later this year as part of our Retail Banking 2020 series, and so far our research has led us to believe that whether or not the major players want to admit it, fintech start-ups either disrupting or improving the financial industry is here to stay.While the consensus originally leaned towards fintechs being direct competitors to traditional banks, it now seems as though collaboration is the go-to strategy...MORE

Card Reader
Monday 29th January @ 3:02pm

The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking EU regulations have finally come into effect across the continent — and their ban on card charges show how potentially fundamental the shift in law will be.Since January 13, it is now illegal for retailers to charge customers card fees for paying via credit or debit cards, a change that has caused great division in the financial community.On one hand, it is viewed as a positive — the end of an unjust fee that customers will no...MORE

Monday 29th January @ 2:42pm

Last month, Lafferty Group released our AI and Robotics in Banking report, featuring original interviews and case studies with several industry leaders — and with another updated and exclusive version planned for the summer, we thought we would share snippets of our recent interview with Payjo CEO Srinivas Njay (an extended version of which will feature in the upcoming...MORE

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Monday 29th January @ 1:53pm

If you meet a beggar on the street in Oslo, there is no excuse to have no cash at hand. He or she offers you to give a contribution to their VIPPS mobile number.Among the Nordic countries, Sweden leads the way to become a completely cashless society. Cash represents around one percent of the value of payments for the time being. The comparable share in the rest of Europe and the US is around seven percent. In Sweden, the number of cash payments is now less than 20...MORE

Monday 29th January @ 11:12am

Mobile phone use is ubiquitous across most developed economies — and indeed in plenty of emerging and developing ones, too. While the mobile phone is a device that people frequently use to stay in touch with friends and family, or to keep up-to-date with news and events, for banks it should be looked at as a tool to boost engagement.However, in the UK at least, high-street banks have not embraced its potential.For example, in 2017, a survey from Statista showed that 96 percent of 16-24...MORE

Monday 29th January @ 9:07am

Open Banking has arrived.From 13 January 2018, new rules mean banks must allow customers to share financial information with other authorised providers. Customers can choose to share account details, spending habits and more with providers offering budgeting apps — or with other banks.The Competition and Markets Authority welcomes the move, saying it will bring more competition — and better products — to financial services. It paints a picture of greater openness driving higher...MORE

Friday 26th January @ 11:40am

Is the European Union now the sworn enemy of the American and Chinese platform providers? If so, the EU's cause has been well served by Facebook itself, as a parade of former insiders have been exposing how the world's biggest social network works to make itself as addictive as possible. Understandably, given the alarming revelations, some European governments are now running radio ads advising citizens to turn off their phones for half an hour a day in order to...MORE

Wednesday 10th January @ 10:12am

A few months back, Lafferty News noticed that several people requested that we contact them by telegram. Vaguely aware that even Western Union stopped using telegrams back in 2006, we were initially mystified. As it turns out, they wanted us to reach them on Telegram, the favoured messaging app of the cryptocurrency world. Let's call it Western Union 2.0. Telegram is about to issue its own currency, and it's the clearest indication to date that 2018 will see the merging of the messaging...MORE

Computers, keyboards, keyboard, internet
Wednesday 6th December @ 4:02pm

South Korea — land of the morning calm. Or if you have been unfortunate enough to experience the e-commerce environment there you may also refer to it jokingly as land of eternal Internet Explorer. South Korea has an internet penetration rate of 89.3 percent, set to rise to an estimated 91.6 percent by 2021; a smartphone penetration rate of 80.6 percent, set to rise to an estimated 85.4 percent over the next four years; and 30.5 million e-commerce users with an estimated 1.33 million more...MORE

eoin toronto image
Wednesday 6th December @ 1:22pm

"If you're not doing some things that are crazy, then you're doing the wrong things" says Google co-founder Larry Page.While US cities battle to become Amazon's second US base, Canada's biggest city has just snagged a major Google project.Toronto is not just the biggest city in Canada — it's the fourth-biggest city in North America and the economic hub of Canada, a city rife with innovation that since the 1990s has been undergoing levels of development...MORE

Euro, currency, eurozone
Wednesday 6th December @ 11:18am

In the old days, when a war was raging across the world, information came from ghost like voices scratching out of the wireless, a weekly newspaper or the Pathe Newsreels that ran at cinemas before the main show. Today, it's not the lack of information, but the overwhelming quantity of it that is the problem. Kids no longer need to be taught to mine for information; they need to learn how to filter it.To follow the progress of the 'War on Cash' the internet will lead you to...MORE

Tuesday 5th December @ 4:14pm

"Money talks, but Credit has an echo." Bob Thaves.The venerable credit card has served the banking industry well for the past forty years; turning in rich profits and superlative RoEs. It has been the primary engine which powered the great consumer spending boom in the US and UK and ensured their world economic dominance. But the success of the credit card hasn't been consistent across the world. Many emerging markets have simply not been able to build a profitable and...MORE

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