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Merchant Services Intelligence

Africa Snip
Friday 29th September @ 12:34pm

Merchant acquiring in Africa remains underdeveloped relative to other regions of the world: the traditional acquiring models which have been successful in the developed world have for the most part failed in spreading card acceptance beyond large urban centres and popular tourist destinations.The costs involved in installing POS terminals are often prohibitive for smaller African merchants and the potential volume insufficient for acquirers to consider subsidising these costs. This conundrum...MORE

Cards, credit cards, debit cards, finance, money
Friday 29th September @ 11:33am

At the end of 2016, credit card outstandings in Argentina stood at $15.3 billion, which was an increase of 741 percent compared to 2010. This figure represented 42 percent of total consumer finance in 2016, although Lafferty expects that this proportion will decrease to 37 percent by 2019. Credit card loans experienced strong growth between 2010 and 2016 and represent a key pillar for consumer spending in Argentina. Although credit card outstandings rebounded to a 59 percent growth level in...MORE

Africa interoperability shutterstock_110973782 400px
Thursday 27th July @ 1:07pm

On a research trip in Africa in early May, Lafferty News heard one issue raised again and again: interoperability. That one word covers a multitude of challenges and in Africa, interoperability takes on an additional weight because of the relative success and potential for widespread adoption of mobile money. Interoperability can't be separated from financial inclusion — possibly the second most-oft mentioned issue in African financial services. While the continent gained some degree of...MORE

Thursday 27th July @ 12:31pm

JCB arrived to Money2020 Europe this year with a splash, setting up a green tea lounge and surprising even themselves with their efforts. "The tea lounge was a great success," says Andrew Doukanaris, senior vice-president for Sales and Marketing with JCB Europe. "It was open to everyone, and at some stages it got so crowded that we had to leave and go outside to get work done!" In its pre-event press release, JCB described itself as a 'leading payments...MORE

Executives photo JCB
Thursday 4th May @ 11:22pm

Ask a sports fan about the "Tokyo Olympics" and it's likely that he or she will mention Tokyo 2020. Fewer will recall the profound impact of the 1964 Games on Japanese society. Prior to that year, travel from Japan was restricted mostly to businesspeople, sports teams and government officials. But following the games of 1964, the government opened the way for Japanese people to travel abroad. By 1980, that number grew to more than two million Japanese travelling overseas, but that...MORE

Uk credit card debit
Thursday 4th May @ 3:11pm

In April, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published proposed measures to address persistent credit card debt in the UK.They propose that customers paying more in interest and charges than principal over an 18 month period be considered to be in persistent debt and that issuers would have to intervene in these cases."At 18 months:Customers in this situation would be made aware that increasing their current rate of repayment would reduce their cost of borrowing and the time...MORE

Retail Banking Intelligence
Thursday 4th May @ 2:42pm

There has been substantial growth in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) debit cards market in the period under review, increasing by 267 percent from 2010 to 2017.However, China accounts for the lion's share of the regional total, with an estimated 73 percent of cards in issue in 2017: In contrast to the credit cards space, the Chinese debit cards market is highly developed, with an average of more than five debit cards per adult in 2017. This represents an increase of 184...MORE

Thursday 4th May @ 8:16am

At January's Lafferty council meetings in Cape Town, Karl Westvig of South African business Retail Capital was keen to offer a positive spin on automation and artificial intelligence. He pointed out there were some things that software could manage better than humans, such as spotting patterns in large amounts of data that could take humans years to do. Finding cancerous material on scans counts among those accomplishments. Lafferty News recently spoke to Karl about his...MORE

Map_world_merchant_690x380_version 7_c (1)
Thursday 23rd March @ 2:33pm

As a region, Europe offers the lowest merchant service charges, closely followed by Asia-Pacific; Latin America has the highest average charges, closely followed by Africa.Retail Banking Opinion: Surfing the Rubicon, or how banks are making peace with the fintech industry

Thursday 23rd March @ 12:34pm

It has become an axiom to state that e-commerce has become one of the most important spheres in the retail and payment industries, and with good cause. A merchant lacking the means to sell his/her wares online is behind the curve, while players in the payments industry are falling over themselves to grab a slice of the e-commerce pie.This comes in several guises. Firstly, there is the need to convince consumers to pay for e-commerce transactions by card, which falls under the category of...MORE

Nordics 2 jpg
Wednesday 22nd March @ 5:30pm

One of the most obvious trends apparent in the cards and payments industry in recent times has been the push to reduce or even eliminate cash from the payments ecosystem. While such a prospect remains distant today, some countries are moving closer to a situation where cash is assuming less importance with each passing day. With that in mind, Lafferty Global Research (LGR) has cast its eye over some of the pertinent data from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), often viewed as...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 4:21pm

Management of the payment system has of tradition been a fundamental function of banks but until now has been regarded as a role of lesser luminosity.From both a customer and bank perspective, payments, as a highly automated, mechanistic activity, has always operated below the waterline: the poor relation, so to speak, of the deposit, lending and wealth management facets of the business. Indeed, for many banks, payments services represent the 'free' element in 'free banking'...MORE

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