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Thursday 23rd March @ 2:33pm

As a region, Europe offers the lowest merchant service charges, closely followed by Asia-Pacific; Latin America has the highest average charges, closely followed by Africa. Retail Banking Opinion: Surfing the Rubicon, or how banks are making peace with the fintech industry

Thursday 23rd March @ 12:34pm

It has become an axiom to state that e-commerce has become one of the most important spheres in the retail and payment industries, and with good cause. A merchant lacking the means to sell his/her wares online is behind the curve, while players in the payments industry are falling over themselves to grab a slice of the e-commerce pie. This comes in several guises. Firstly, there is the need to convince consumers to pay for e-commerce transactions by card, which falls under the category of...MORE

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Wednesday 22nd March @ 5:30pm

One of the most obvious trends apparent in the cards and payments industry in recent times has been the push to reduce or even eliminate cash from the payments ecosystem. While such a prospect remains distant today, some countries are moving closer to a situation where cash is assuming less importance with each passing day. With that in mind, Lafferty Global Research (LGR) has cast its eye over some of the pertinent data from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), often viewed as...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 4:21pm

Management of the payment system has of tradition been a fundamental function of banks but until now has been regarded as a role of lesser luminosity. From both a customer and bank perspective, payments, as a highly automated, mechanistic activity, has always operated below the waterline: the poor relation, so to speak, of the deposit, lending and wealth management facets of the business. Indeed, for many banks, payments services represent the 'free' element in 'free banking'...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 3:56pm

Warning: many TLAs (three-letter acronyms) ahead Margaret Thatcher had many a battle with Europe during her premiership and quickly acquired the nickname 'Iron Lady'. Many expected the European Banking Authority (EBA) to show equal firmness with their proposed regulatory technical standards (RTS) for secure customer authentication (SCA), under the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), when it was first published last year for consultation. Having witnessed the UK voting to...MORE

Wednesday 23rd November @ 11:24am

1. Brexit and its context 2. Brexit in progress — the institutional angle 3. Assessing the Brexit scenario — what is at stake? The European banking, cards and payments industries face unexpected, complex and time-consuming challenges as a result of Britain's referendum on leaving the European Union. Exactly what Brexit will involve will be an ongoing process with many twists and turns in the years ahead. Every participant in global commerce will need to consider its position immediately...MORE

Cards per 100 adults LA  copy
Friday 4th November @ 4:52pm

The Latin American region is an attractive one for merchant acquirers. Acquiring margins are under downward pressure globally, but merchant service charges (MSC) remain high across most market in Latin America. Cards are well established as a means of payment in the region, yet a large unbanked population leaves plenty of room for further growth. Also, in contrast to most regions, there is a preference for credit cards over debit cards — meaning acquirers earn higher fees. The region's...MORE

Friday 30th September @ 2:29pm

The dominant players in POS terminals, VeriFone and Ingenico, are facing increasingly strong headwinds and both are having to adjust expectations accordingly — though admittedly from a high base. Both businesses warned in September that profits were going to drop this year. They have blamed global events and the US liability shift — but are there larger evolutionary forces at work? Let's begin with VeriFone. At the start of September, the giant card and payments equipment manufacturer...MORE

Friday 30th September @ 12:54pm

The merchant acquiring business is undergoing a period of rapid technology-driven change. Mobile, online and social technologies are revolutionising access to information and sparking demand for new services that can support multichannel commerce. As an integral part of card payment transactions processing, an acquirer enables merchants to accept card payments by acting as a link between merchants, issuers, and payment networks providing authorization, clearing and settlement and dispute...MORE

Apac 1 New version
Friday 30th September @ 12:13pm

Asia-Pacific (APAC) has been a region dominated by the use of cash, which accounts for the bulk of payments transactions. It is only recently that the increase in the use of cards and subsequent transactions has led to the evolution of the payments ecosystem. Given the size of the market, and the higher revenues associated with card payments compared to cash, this trend makes APAC all the more attractive. Merchant acquiring, acting as it does as an integral link for merchants...MORE

Accepting Al
Friday 30th September @ 11:11am

The world of recorded music is often invoked in order to describe the 'inevitable' changes that finance must go through. The first recorded music was on vinyl, then digital music gave us the CD, and finally music broke free of physical constraints and became purely digital — the MP3. But go into most music stores and the shelves are full of CDs, and even top-class DJs find CDs the best format to work with: they're more functional and easier to carry than vinyl, and who wants to...MORE

Friday 29th July @ 2:35pm

Following on from Visa's landmark arrangement with PayPal that will see Visa cardholders no longer encouraged to take up an ACH option with their PayPal accounts, it appears that MasterCard is seeking a similar arrangement. MasterCard's chief executive Ajaypal Singh Banga said it is involved in "constructive dialogue" with PayPal. "This is actually a good thing for PayPal and for the industry because at the end of the day, providing consumers the ability of having...MORE

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