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Wednesday 3rd May @ 5:45pm

An analysis of selected universal banks. Following the hollowing out of various banking institutions in the wake of the global financial crisis, various banks took a serious hit to their operations. European universal banks, in particular, had to undergo a period of retrenchment which included state support and a series of massive fines, as well as serious reputational loss. American universal banks, while also suffering serious losses, have recovered more quickly than their European...MORE

Wednesday 19th April @ 6:05pm

Digital mortgage applications rising Digital end-to-end mortgage applications will rapidly change how people apply for mortgages . The days of weeks-long mortgage applications are drawing to a close. On the branch front HSBC already offers one day mortgage approvals, while Santander's new online mortgage application service lets customers remortgage in less than 30 minutes. Atom Bank is combining the use of a mortgage intermediary and digital to approve a mortgage in hours, and...MORE

Thursday 23rd March @ 12:53pm

By the hook of profit or the crook of legislation, banks are making their peace with fintech. "We live in two different worlds" goes the Ed Sheeran song, and when it comes to data it seems that way ever more on either side of the Atlantic over recent years. Americans, long used to targeted mail campaigns, a pervasively commercialised public space and all-seeing credit rating agencies, long ago came to terms with the fact that the price of the American Dream was...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 4:47pm

In my capacity as a banking COO, I felt that we had to put service higher on the agenda, as we had complaints on staff behaviour and were risking losing business. I realised that a change of behaviour would only be sustainable if we would be able as a management team to make it clear how service should look. Only if we can make clear what we expect from our staff, can we inspect whether they are doing what they are supposed to do. If we do not inspect, staff may feel that we...MORE

Wednesday 22nd March @ 10:38am

Financial results in 2016 for banks paint a clear picture of winners — and losers. What is driving this difference in performance? UK banking is changing fast Co-operative Bank has put itself up for sale: despite losses falling from £611m to £477m it has a £750m capital shortfall, and still spends more than it earns. Its branch network has fallen from 291 to 85, and a takeover by Sabadell/TSB (hungry for the bank's business banking book) is a likely outcome. Other...MORE

ADCB's new u
Monday 13th March @ 3:11pm

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has joined the trend towards transparent and paperless digital branches located in high-footfall areas with the opening of uBank in Abu Dhabi's Yas Mall. The uBank branch sits in the mall corridor, with glass walls revealing to passersby the evolution of design at the bank. UAE-based digital design business Yasdm worked with ADCB to put together the electronic bones of the project, with Italian designers Crea International providing the physical design...MORE

Friday 3rd March @ 2:35pm

UK banks operating in post-Brexit EU should apply for an EU Licence In a speech delivered yesterday in London, an ECB executive board member clarified the European Central Bank's position on two post-Brexit issues: the need for an EU Licence to operate in the EU27 and the role of the City of London in the clearing of euro derivatives. On the licence issue , Sabine Lautenschlaeger, who sits on the executive board on behalf of the Deutsche Bundesbank, said:...MORE

Monday 27th February @ 4:58pm

The sale of the London Stock Exchange's MTS platform is a condition for the LSE-Deutsche Börse merger. This is a case in point for euro trading activities to be handled within a European Union frame. As mentioned in this morning's Daily Briefing, Reuters reports that the London Stock Exchanges (LSE) has revealed that the European Commission "had asked it to...MORE

Thursday 19th January @ 12:05pm

Several of the ideas floating around in their own orbits last year look set to link up in 2017: the cashless society, universal basic income, the rise of the robots and the digital (gig) economy. All of these topics are being chewed over at dinners in Davos this week — though the assembled great and good will doubtless be noting that broad swathes of the public, even in places like the US and the UK, have decided that the globalist agenda of the Davos tribe is not in their interest. The...MORE

SNB for RBI  copy
Wednesday 18th January @ 4:34pm

At the time of writing, many financial headlines are being dominated by news of equities. The S&P 500 has recorded several all-time highs over the last few months, and is looking to do so again in the near future. The DJIA is quite close to the 20,000 mark, with many observers expecting this historic level to be breached. In London, the FTSE 100 is on course for another record high following days of record highs. How can this be explained? The answer, of course, is due to several different...MORE

Wednesday 18th January @ 3:53pm

Handelsbanken is a great firm, which nonetheless confounds its Nordic competitors . It's a dinosaur whose only customers are old people, mutters one competitor; it's so digitally backwards that customers are offered swipe cards, says another, shaking his head. Decentralised? All decisions come from Stockholm, opines a third. A fourth critic suggests that new Basel III rules on capital floors might hit Handelsbanken hard. Yet those same competitors cannot deny several facts about...MORE

Wednesday 18th January @ 3:50pm

I was in a meeting in Cairo, wherein it was narrated that the Central Bank of Egypt had recently instructed a number of commercial banks to provide an interest holiday to those tourism businesses who will not be able to service their loan. After the revolution in 2013, following that in 2011, the tourism sector in the land of the pyramids has been decimated, with visitor numbers per year plummeting from 40m to 5m. In September 2016, 3 of the 47 banks in Kenya were doomed to the dustbin...MORE

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