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Retail Banking Intelligence

Friday 28th July @ 3:48pm

Co-operative Bank secures deal £700m debt-for-equity swap means the bank is secure, but is now 99 percent owned by hedge fundsThe Co-operative Group's stake has now fallen to just 1 percent and the agreement to promote bank services to Co-operative Group members "will naturally fall away and come to a formal end in 2020". The move is likely to see Co-operative Bank edge away from its former ethical and co-operative stance, with Triodos Bank possibly moving into that...MORE

screenscraping F544 400px
Friday 28th July @ 3:28pm

Perhaps nowhere is the clash of cultures between Banking and Tech clearer than in the current debate on screen scraping rumbling through the corridors of power in Europe.As the European Banking Authority (EBA) and European Commission exchange contrasting views over the practical realities, the PSD2-led matchmaking of fintech and banking in Europe now seems less love story than morganatic marriage. (Associated with dynasties, such an arrangement denies the customary...MORE

Thursday 27th July @ 11:34am

In a move to reduce the level of household debt and to lower imports of certain goods including vehicles and consumer durables, non-mortgage consumer loans were severely curtailed by the Algerian government in 2009. However, in October 2014, the authorities announced that consumer loans could be made available for the purchase of select goods that are manufactured domestically in a bid to increase national production. The new dispensation came into force in full in 2016. Consumer credit...MORE

Wednesday 26th July @ 3:55pm

In the second of a two-part article (Part One having been published in the previous edition of Lafferty Global Intelligence), Peter Kinahan continues his examination of what digitalisation and regulation are together unleashing in banking and payments.BBVA When it comes to monetising APIs, Spain's BBVA is one of the more highly evolved organisations. For those who wish to understand the practical applications of APIs, it is well worth perusing its marketplace at...MORE

Branch Pen region JPG
Monday 24th July @ 10:14am

LAFFERTY'S WORLD CARDS INTELLIGENCE (WCI) research shows that the number of branches globally increased each year from 2010 to 2016, with the biggest year on year increase from 2011 to 2012. The WCI database covers 72 countries across fourteen sections including retail banking, credit and debit cards, acquiring and consumer finance.This growth in branch numbers is driven by increases in Asia, which is home to several emerging markets, particularly China, that have driven global growth...MORE

Wednesday 28th June @ 2:45pm

As we publish the 2017 update to the Netherlands country report (available to order directly at this link to, here are some of the key points in our research:Three domestic banks — ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO — dominate the retail banking and cards markets in the Netherlands.Dutch consumers are highly indebted, with mortgage loans making up over 90 percent of outstandings.Payment...MORE

Wednesday 21st June @ 2:00pm

Consumers may prefer cash but are increasingly comfortable using cardsDuring 2016, total Colombian consumer credit outstandings grew by an estimated 13.2 percent, with mortgage lending growing by 15 percent and non-mortgage credit by 12 percent. Lafferty Research forecasts that consumer credit will grow by 14 percent during 2017. According to the central bank's March 2016 quarterly credit survey, credit demand grew moderately in all segments, similar to the last...MORE

Euro shutterstock_155354360 400px
Wednesday 21st June @ 11:43am

As events over the last few weeks demonstrate, the European banking crisis has remained bubbling away in the background.The rescue of Banco Popular Español by fellow Spanish institution Banco Santander sent sighs of relief around Madrid. The seemingly never-ending Italian drama continues apace while yet another Greek rescue package is under discussion: clearly Southern Europe remains weak. Nor is elsewhere in Europe immune: yesterday brought the news that Barclays...MORE

london, cityscape, city, skyline, business
Wednesday 21st June @ 10:30am

Welcome to the Keyfact monthly market and competitor snapshot for June 2017High Court judge to rule on FCA's proposed claims cut-off deadline of 29 August 2019Claims management company We Fight Any Claim has applied to the High Court for a judicial review of the financial regulator's decision to set a time-bar on PPI claims. The company argues the time-bar is wrong because it estimates that consumers could still be owed more than £50bn for mis-sold PPI — and...MORE

Monday 19th June @ 12:21am

It is a common observation that there are four stages in the development of an economy.Long forgotten in the developed world, there is the requirement simply to stay alive; hence the primary stage in economic development that becomes the agricultural economy. Once that fundamental need is satisfied, the focus turns to production; initially the tools of production and then, as the eye turns towards lifestyle, there are the tangible 'things' that improve everyday experience: this...MORE

CheBanca Ad jpg
Wednesday 7th June @ 4:11pm

"This is Wow!" says the excellently-monikered Roberto Ferrari, tapping on his smartphone and then turning it to show Lafferty News what he's talking about. Wow turns out to be CheBanca's cheerful looking new app that can be used by non-CheBanca customers to pay bills, fares and taxes, or transfer money via Italy's Jiffy network. "It means Wallet of Wallets," he adds helpfully. When Italy's Mediobanca launched CheBanca back in 2008, it...MORE

Lafferty News
Wednesday 3rd May @ 5:45pm

An analysis of selected universal banks.Following the hollowing out of various banking institutions in the wake of the global financial crisis, various banks took a serious hit to their operations. European universal banks, in particular, had to undergo a period of retrenchment which included state support and a series of massive fines, as well as serious reputational loss. American universal banks, while also suffering serious losses, have recovered more quickly than their European...MORE

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