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Cards and Digital Payments Insights

Thursday 21st June @ 4:30pm

Lafferty's Global Research Databases are an online resource providing market and competitor intelligence on payment cards, e-money, acquiring/processing, retail banking and consumer credit.Here, we provide our readers with an exclusive extract from our in-depth, 73-page 2018 country report on Mexico.The following paragraphs focus on the payment cards market.The Mexican payment market in recent times has been characterised by the gradual migration from cash transactions to...MORE

Wednesday 30th May @ 3:18pm

When Ollie Walsh and Julian Callaghan founded PiP iT Payments, they knew that many people — particularly older ones — were wary of using their cards online. There's no end of scare stories about older people being scammed online or by phone, and the wholesale thefts of card details in recent years made some people doubly wary. But with a whole new world of online services available, Mr Callaghan figured that there must be demand for payment on the internet that didn't involve cards...MORE

banks tech
Tuesday 29th May @ 8:56am

The big banks in Europe are not happy with the way Big Tech, e-commerce and digital payment firms are encroaching on their territory."As of today there is not a level playing field on data in Europe...[the big tech platforms] are all taking deposits and making payments", Ana Botín, executive chairman of Spain's Banco Santander, recently told the Financial Times.The playing field might be uneven, but...MORE

augmented reality shutterstock_161181815
Tuesday 29th May @ 8:25am

It's two years now since chatbots were all the rage at banking and technology innovation conferences and since that time, many banks have trialled or rolled out chatbots in online services. It seems an obvious move, considering that something in the region of 80 percent of online enquiries are routine, such as "where do I find my IBAN?". Employing chatbots frees up human agents for the 20 percent of enquiries where more than machine intelligence is required. But...MORE

Monday 28th May @ 2:25pm

Undoubtedly, WeChat has been one of the great tech success stories of the last twenty years — but there is far more to the Tencent-owned app than meets the eye. Tencent's Tim Leung tells Lafferty News how its social element is "just one dimension".Although Tencent was founded in 1998, WeChat didn't begin life until 2011, when it emerged from the internet company's internal research unit. Since then, it has experienced a remarkable expansion in its pool of users (in...MORE

Monday 28th May @ 2:21pm

At Lafferty Group's International Retail Banking-Fintech Forum in Shenzhen earlier this month, Lafferty News caught up with Aditya Menon, former managing director of global digital strategy at Citibank to discuss the new landscape of payments and why he feels "engagement" is key.China is the scene of the most fascinating developments in payments today — and has been for the past number of years; both Tencent and Alibaba have striking customer numbers, are showing a desire to...MORE

Monday 28th May @ 1:29pm

With Amazon in sight of overtaking Apple to become the most valuable company in the world, there's a global battle developing for dominance in the e-commerce business. But the big question is this: will US social networks or Chinese social networks end up as the dominant social media platforms? And will free social media services provide a gateway to e-commerce success? Recent news on that front includes Walmart's acquisition of Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart. Flipkart has its...MORE

Flickr - CC licence
Tuesday 22nd May @ 1:52pm

With standards emerging from Beijing to San Francisco, QR is coming of age. Could global security standards be coming into view for QR? There is an ISO standard for the "symbology" of a visual configuration that is now familiar worldwide. But, for payments, the standardisation needs to go far deeper. "At present there is no universally agreed security infrastructure," says Lafferty's Head of Research, David Hickey. "But I am sure security for QR...MORE

Thursday 17th May @ 10:31am

"For most companies, using a blockchain is like using a bulldozer to pick up your groceries."Jimmy Song, Consensus 2018The flurry of blockchain news in recent days is not accidental, with the bitcoin and blockchain faithful gathering for Consensus in New York. The fast-growing bitcoin and blockchain conference welcomed 8,000 guests this time around, twice the number from last year. The big question on many lips: will blockchain upend the world of big tech, with its current lock...MORE

Wednesday 16th May @ 10:50am

In India, Walmart does not evoke the kind of fearful reaction it does in the US. Walmart's decision to enter India through the backdoor of online retail has generated a lot of excitement, not only in the e-commerce sector but also in payments and in the entire startup ecosystem. Over the past three years, India has been a proxy battlefield where the American and Chinese giants have been arm wrestling through their India ventures. Amazon vs Flipkart and Ola vs Uber has...MORE

Capture BBVA
Monday 9th April @ 4:00pm

With so many innovative goings-on in the world of banking, finance and tech (often times simultaneously enmeshed with each other) it can be surprising to realise that banking accessibility on a human level is still not where it should be.As hackathons, mass tech-hire events, blockchain innovations and technological implementations occur to better equip banking, there are still many left on the sidelines, too often untouched by developments that improve how the majority of people -...MORE

The book should have been called from Noah to Woah-_
Monday 9th April @ 3:47pm

China's QR-code-wrangling payments giants are quietly implementing a revolution in financial inclusion: Ronan Lynch reviews Chris Skinner's latest book, Digital Human: The fourth revolution of humanity includes everyone.Ant Financial is truly a fascinating business. While coverage of China's One Belt, One Road megaproject tends to focus on the biggest and boldest bridges, railways or highways, there's another, much-overlooked piece of infrastructure quietly settling into...MORE

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