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Retail Banking 2020 Insights

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Wednesday 18th February @ 4:28pm

Newly published research from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government says that policy-makers should be concerned that community banks are suffering from "inappropriately designed regulation and inadequate regulatory coordination". The report, titled The State and Fate of Community Banking, found that despite their share of the lending market and banking assets declining by 50 percent in the last two decades, community banks continue to play a key role in agricultural...MORE

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Wednesday 18th February @ 4:21pm

Poland's Idea Bank has opened a 'bank branch of the future' called Idea Hub in downtown Warsaw, offering free workplaces for its customers and staffing the space with baristas rather than bank tellers. As is the case in many cities, Warsaw's small business owners and entrepreneurs, who want to work in the city centre rather than the shared co-working spaces on the edge of town, already use coffee shops as informal offices where they can avail of free wi-fi and meet clients...MORE

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